First post

Final Fantasy 16 official artwork

Hey all. If you’re reading this, firstly, welcome to my website. There’s not much to it here just yet but I’m planning to use this for written pieces that are just for me. By that, I mean things which are of personal interest but realistically, are not getting covered by the wider websites I work for. Indies and virtual reality gaming often fall into this category, trying to get traction for most of these games beyond specialist publications is challenging.

I get why, though. A lot of them simply don’t bring in the clicks your next AAA shooter will. I’ve toyed with starting an original website but honestly, a small blog will do just fine for now. I don’t have the capacity to essentially be running what’d become a second job on my own, nor do I have the budget for something grander. I’m not here to criticise websites for taking an SEO focus, more egregious examples aside, but that won’t be a focus here.

What I’m writing is for me, and me alone. Chances are, these updates will be infrequent but that’s fine, there’s not a schedule to keep. Also, the FF16 pic is simply because I’ll likely cover some JRPG stuff here too, and it’s some beautiful artwork.

Published by Henry Stockdale

Henry Stockdale is a freelance writer from England. He's been gaming since the N64 days, counting Virtual Reality, RPGs and platformers among his main interests. You can find him on Twitter at @Terranauts93

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